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Awesome, but it's missing a dubstep version.

Loved it! Reminded me of Dragon Ball XD Wanna see more!


I never had to read lord of the flies!
Nice animation, btw, now I won't have to read it, lol.

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Love the animation for this, minus half a star because I wish it were a full game and I'm being a brat.

For an unfinished game, this is really well done. As far as a review goes, Bug-Off has pretty much said everything I would say, but I want to put emphasis on one point: the normal weekly routine is boring.
The first week was jam-packed with plot, and then nothing until the lady working the front desk starts leaving early so you can sneak into the boss's office and commit larceny.
I'm a little annoyed that constantly showing up late and stealing from your place of work don't result in any "real" consequences for the player character, so I can just stay at the club until one in the morning raising my lewdness stat and not get punished for it. I'm trying to wreck Kate's life here, and the game isn't giving me the satisfaction of doing so, lol!
Anyways, that my main gripe with this game: not enough story. But it's unfinished (pre-alpha, even, judging by that version number!), so I'm willing to forgive it on that front. Had this game have been finished, and nothing of plot relevance happened after the first week, you'd be looking at a 1 star rating here, buddy.

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Insexsity responds:

Give us a bit time... :)

Very nice, I found the realistic quality of the animation itself to be rather refreshing from all of the "explosive cum" hentai games/animations. Also nice little touches such as the the girl needing to stop in order to breathe and the cum falling on her face at different places every time you click "out" adds even more to the authentacticy (sorry if I spelled this wrong, spellcheck's being a jerk) of the animation.

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Kajio responds:

Well I'm glad that you enjoyed all those features :)

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Awesome work! Here's to hoping we see more of you soon!

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Pinch me if I'm dreaming

Yoko Shimomura and NemesisTheory??
It's almost impossible for me to coprehend such awesomeness!!
Great work, keep at it!

Very nice

Soothing and yet a little filthy. I like it, keep it up!

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yeajimmiboi responds:

Thanks very much man! :D

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Great drawings, but could you please find more material than just Faye? Seriously, you only have 2 pics that aren't Faye Valentine...

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Crystalspike responds:

check out my more recent stuff...there's alot less faye now.


Someone has the balls to do something, even if it's just art.
I totally disagree with most of what our gov't's been doing lately.
BTW have you seen what rick perry did when obama arrived in texas? That was awesome!


I'm not sure what to category this into....
Undead or Cyborg.

heheheh....nice detail, btw.

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Pssshh...idk what to put here...

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idk, my eyes r closed


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